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Failed Sign up

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Failed Sign up

I tried to sign up this morning and the payment for the first month was taken.But for some reason I forgot to fill in the Direct Debit part, which resulted in the failure to set up my account and complete the order. Now the money was taken and my account is void and the webpage is lost. How to trace my money and continue to sign up? Do I have to go over the whole process again and make another payment for the first month?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Failed Sign up

Hi @susanishere3 


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


If anything goes wrong in the sign up process, resulting in an account not being created, then any funds applied for via the one off payment do not reach us as there is no account reference to validate these against. 


In these circumstances, your bank will have these funds in a "holding account" and they will automatically be returned back to you - I can;t say how ling this will take as it differs from bank to bank. 


I would suggest getting in touch with your bank, explaining the situation, and asking their process on this. 


Kind Reagrds,