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FTTP available ?

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FTTP available ?

Good Morning,

If you have copper to the premises, (not via a green box)  can we get FTTP from Plusnet ?

We live across the road from the exchange, do Plusnet offer FTTP ?


And if not can another phone line be added to give two sets of adsl bonded together for greater speed ?


Many thanks for your help and advice.





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Re: FTTP available ?


First you must be an existing Plusnet broadband customer


Then, check with BT if you are able to get FTTP using the BT Broadband checker at using your phone number.
The results will need to look like this


If the first line of the "Featured Products" says "WBC FTTP" then you can apply for the trial at  (If it has the word "On Demand" after FTTP then that isn't supported by Plusnet. 

Another way is to go to the BT Retail website and see if you can buy Infinity 4 from them (FTTP at 330Mbps download). If you can then you can also apply to join the Plusnet trial or use BT or even Zen (the latter 2 offer FTTP as a product not just a trial)

Finally Plusnet only offer 2 speeds for FTTP, 40Mbps down/10Mbps up or 80Mbps down/20Mbps up. Use BT if you want faster.


If coming across from BT, here is a thread which may answer your queries

BT to Plusnet FTTP Migration Thread

There is a complete list of all FTTP providers at

Openreach Ultrafast fibre suppliers

Finally VirginMedia are installing some 2 million FTTP connections via their Project Lightening before 2019 so it might be a consideration if they are planning to install in your area.

Ex - Plusnet Customer (2009 - 2023) now with BT
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Re: FTTP available ?

Hi there.

I've replied to your original thread over here

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