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FTTC - downstream to upstream ratio

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FTTC - downstream to upstream ratio

Hi all !
I have a query regarding the line speeds I'm getting on an FTTC connection, specifically the upload speed compared to the download as I'm not sure what to make of it.
First, the pictures:

Given the download of 37 mbit, would it be more usual to see a higher upload than 5 mbit? Granted the connection is only 8 days old so far, and the IP profiles have jumped around a bit, but I'd thought I'd quiz existing FTTC users and ask what sort of download : upload ratios you're experiencing and whether it looks as if something is a bit odd with my line or not.
No criticism of the service, please understand I am -very- happy with this compared my previous 10/1 ADSL2 service! I am just curious about sync rates and IP profiles and things and whether things are looking as expected.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: FTTC - downstream to upstream ratio

Hi andyeff,
Welcome to our community forums Smiley
I can see that your download is quite a bit above your estimate which you can see here.
it does very on each connection and purely comes down to what your line can handle and the distance from your cabinet, which is why you're receiving the speeds your are.
I hope that helps.