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FTTC Fault

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FTTC Fault

I recently had Plusnet Fiberoptic installed in my property on Thursday, and the engineer told us it would be okay for us to use the Wifi but I advised everyone in my house not to use it until Plusnet gave us a text message stating it was ready to use. As my title states, there is a fault with 'Fiber to the cabinet' and I spoke to Plusnet over the weekend and they said the engineer would be out between Monday or Tuesday to fix this error. So I kindly reminded Plusnet over twitter this morning, and told them we've had no internet from Thurdsday onwards, and would you believe they gave me a support ticket. No upfront answer, or we will alert someone, to get this quickly assessed too.
If this fault continues, I will not pay this months bill as I do not see the point in paying for a service I'm not getting. It's really outrageous! I should of stuck with Sky and paid a little bit more towards the fiber service. At least they wouldn't of kept me waiting so long! Angry
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Re: FTTC Fault

Hi Eatpower,
I'm really sorry to hear that you've been having problems with the connection since the engineer attended to install this. I have just looked into the support ticket and can see that we raised this with the supplier on the 15/08/14. From the looks of the notes, it was in fact a problem with the telephone line that halted the provision of the fibre service which meant that we have had to rearrange the installation to be completed and we're currently awaiting an update back from them.
At present, I'm in talks with BTW on the status of the matter and will be updating the support ticket for you as soon as they have furnished me with the information. Please accept our apologies for the delay and rest assured; we will always refund you for the downtime you've seen.