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FTTC DSLAMs and the flooding

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FTTC DSLAMs and the flooding

Seeing as the flooding is getting progressively worse, I have a few questions about the FTTC DSLAMs in flooded areas:
What happens to the DSLAMs in flooded areas?
Are Openreach turning off the power to them?
I am assuming they are IP65, but will the water damage or ruin them?
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Re: FTTC DSLAMs and the flooding

I'd doubt they are IP65 much less IP68 for full immersion!
Probably something like IP43 to be secure against full scale thunderstorms and driving rain.
Even if they switch them off I wonder what the ?4? hour UPS backup battery in them is rated to IP wise? - you really would not want that to short out and go bang.
Then you have to account for the point that sewage/contaminated water almost certainly could/will get into them so that's a H&S issue even if it does dry out and mysteriously still work.
I'd hazard a wild guess that a fully/part flooded one is scrap.