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Extended Wi-FI

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Extended Wi-FI

Hi, I'm struggling to get any usable wi-fi signal in the room above my garage (all part of the main house).  I've tried it with a mains extender with only the faintest slither of success.  Oddly, the Sky box up there seems to work ok using an RJ45 lead to the little box in the electricity socket.

My master socket is in the furthest away room downstairs and I'm at the stage of getting my master socket moved and installing some industrial level kit, whatever that might be.

Any pointers would be very welcome.




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Re: Extended Wi-FI

@daretoki   Welcome to the forum.

What router do you have?

It might be that you have metalised insulation in your walls or ceiling. This kills wireless signals. If you have a Plusnet Hub One have you tries separating the bands see:

My view of your options if your router isn't up to the task, apart from buying a better router:

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