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Everything seems fine but no access to internet

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Everything seems fine but no access to internet

I have finally got my router set up after waiting ages for the line to be sorted. Got the text to say all was okay. All lights are green and can connect devices to the router but then it asks for 'login/authorisation' and redirects me to a different page which reads as follows;


You have been connected to this page due to one of the following reasons. You must now shut down your internet browser and internet applications before attempting to reconnect. This may clear the issue immediately, if not then please select the appropriate action from list below.
Your service provider is currently unable to accept your connection request, please wait and reattempt later or contact your service provider for more information.
You have attempted to access an invalid Service Provider domain, check your user details.
You are testing your connection using bt_test_user@startup_domain. Please proceed to next step as advised by your Service Provider
You are testing your connection to your service provider using bt_test_user@domain. where "domain" is your Service Provider domain name. Please proceed to next step as advised by your Service Provider.
The access circuit to your Service Provider is currently down. Your service should be resumed soon. Please try again later or contact your Service Provider

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I have tried resetting the router via the pin hole at the back and done a factory reset through logging in to the router settings however nothing has changed. Please help as i urgently need my wifi to be working and have already waited 2 months for everything to be supposedly sorted!! Getting very fed up now!
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Re: Everything seems fine but no access to internet

Hi Laura,

A warm welcome to the forums.

What you describe suggests that for some (unclear) reason your router is not configuring the user account automatically.  In the first instance, you should log into the router using the details on the back of the router (and instructions in the box) and set up the user name and password manually.  You will then need to press the CONNECT button on the admin page.

If after that you cannot connect, then it rather sounds as though your account has not yet been activated or given your received the confirmation SMS that the activation failed.

That will need staff assistance.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.