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Evening Speed Drop

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Registered: ‎31-07-2012

Evening Speed Drop

I'm aware there's an ongoing problem with speeds in the evening... are we any closer to a fix?
My speeds drop from ~14M to ~1M every single night according to the SamKnows monitoring. At the affected times my connection is near unusable.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Evening Speed Drop

Hi apjashley1,
I'm really sorry about the issues which you are experiencing here.
Here is a post here:,111170.272.html which may be of further interest to you.
As it stands, we are still continuing investigations, We will let you know as soon as we have further information on this. In the meantime, please do post on the above thread with the speeds tests that you have done and which Gateway you are connected to at the time:
Sorry about this.
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer