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Error Connecting to IPv4 Gateway

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Error Connecting to IPv4 Gateway



Over the last month or so, I've been experiencing some pretty strange performance issues during browsing. I've spent a good part of a week trying to figure out what's going on, and I'm wondering if this might be a big clue for me.


I've got a Technicolor TG582n FTTC Router hooked up, and I can access the internet through devices connected to it.

That said, I'm also experiencing some strange issues with certain games / devices. For instance, the XBOX connected to this router can connect to the internet, but cannot connect to XBOX's own servers (citing an ICMP issue). I've also been experiencing issues in other games, occasionally not able to connect to game servers on my computer (random chance, maybe about 1 in 2-3 multiplayer games I have difficulty joining). I'm not wanting to pin all of these problems on PlusNet, just trying to eliminate possible reasons why these issues are occurring.


So, today I tested the router using it's connectivity check. Oddly, I'm getting a big red flag at the end. Here's the results:

  IPv6 disabled for this Internet service.
  ✘ Connectivity to IPv4 Gateway ( )


I was wondering if this was an expected result? Specifically for the last test. Just seems a bit odd!


Speed test and ping test yielded good results, I have no jitter but I haven't tested for any packet loss.


I'm happy to provide more information if needed!

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Re: Error Connecting to IPv4 Gateway


It looks like this is a known issue, but I don't know if Plusnet have a solution yet.   The full discussion is here .. Technicolor-TG582n-Connectivity-to-Gateway-172-16-12-152-failing

but in summary the test that the router carries out, that "Connectivity to IPv4 Gateway" test, will always fail for customers on the new network.

It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the Internet connection, just a false alarm that could cause all sorts of confusion.  Personally I think it's something that Plusnet should be making customers aware of since it's a failing of the Plusnet provided router on Plusnet's own network.

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Re: Error Connecting to IPv4 Gateway

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