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EO Connections

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Registered: ‎04-08-2007

EO Connections

I'm fortunate enough to be close enough to my exchange to get download speeds in excess of 15Mb/s but unfortunately it's an EO line.
(Blunsdon, Swindon)
I've been through it all with BT and they hold out little hope of me ever getting FTTP/FTTC. My local council agrees.
Does anyone (or even the peeps at PN) have any suggestions for a sensible way forward?
Kind Regards
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Registered: ‎05-04-2007

Re: EO Connections

I am currently on a EO line and Superfast North Yorkshire with BDUK funds are providing FTTC hopefully by June next year. It is a Market 1 exchange and is on ADSL Max only so it will be welcome news. So EO to FTTC is happening but maybe its only part of BDUK funding?!?