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Dropouts + only plusnet sites working

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Dropouts + only plusnet sites working

So today my family and I are at my grandma's house and she has plusnet broadband. Every time we've been before it's worked okay, but this time it started dropping out and then coming back on in ~10 minute intervals. So after a quick Google I reset the router (held reset button for 10 seconds) and then it gave me the first time setup page for plusnet which went onto the login page which I filled in with the account holder's details however it then didn't actually work, no webpages would load on any device despite the devices saying the had internet connection. This happened for a while so I reset the router again and signed in again. What now happens is that every non-plusnet webpage I try to open, redirects to the first time setup sign in. I can access any plusnet webpage like the help and account pages, as well as the forums obviously. This is highly irritating, please help!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Dropouts + only plusnet sites working

Hi, assuming your grandma's account is the one this forum account is connected to, are you aware if there's still a problem with the connection?
I can see it dropped out quite a lot (and then didn't connect at all for a few hours) on the 26th when you made this post, then from about 11:30pm(ish) the connection came back online and seems to have been pretty stable since then.
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