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Dropouts are back with a vengeance -- following "line training"

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Dropouts are back with a vengeance -- following "line training"


Dear Community, 

I am deeply sorry that less than two months after my last appeal I am forced to bother you again with yet another request for help. 


The dropouts are back again, and now they came with a vengeance, it appears! This is like a never ending sad story. In August I’ve been told that after a period of “training” for the line (with the price of dropouts and slow speeds) the connection would eventually become more stable. And it did, for two months. Since yesterday, and in particular this morning, the line has dropouts every couple of minutes. 


This company made a pledge that they would take things seriously this time around. I’ve been told that I would be compensated for the down times and the inconvenience caused. None of this has happened. 


I am expecting you to ask me to run test socket exercises, etc. This only adds to my frustration. In the previous three instances that I have formally complained, you have solved the issues and acknowledge that your “settings” were at fault — and I call it “settings’ because that’s how precise you’ve been with me re what’s causing these crippling issues. 


Would you please raise this complaint again on my behalf? I would be grateful. And would you please acknowledge that you’ve done so? Many thanks


I really need help here. I have gone through my mobile data allowance for the month in one day. I have now switched off “data assist” on my iPhone. I cannot work, read or send emails, check information on the web, stream Netflix, listen to radio, music, listen to podcasts, … nothing. In 2019, a communications company charging me for a chance to have access to these activities, should allow me to have access to these activities. Sadly, Plusnet disagrees. 


I shall be lodging a complaint with the regulator. This is a very sad story.


Many thanks

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Dropouts are back with a vengeance -- following "line training"

Hi @nmrocha2,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear of the dropouts and understand your concern that this is a repeat of the issue you experienced recently. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this is causing you.


I realise your frustration at having to do checks on your apparatus as I can see you have experienced some drops this afternoon. However the diagnostic checks on Openreach's systems could not find a fault with the line, which is synchronising within the minimum speeds advised.


Consequently we will need to ensure these checks are done before the issue can be escalated. I have logged a complaint for you on the fault ticket you raised today, please can you respond via the ticket to confirm the checks and that you are connected to the test socket so we can take this forward for you.


Thanks - LF