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Dropout issues

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Registered: ‎07-02-2021

Dropout issues



I've been having some issues with my connection for a couple of weeks. I've had occassional dropouts since I moved to this property about 6 months ago but they have become significantly worse since we had heavy snow 2 weeks ago, they also often seem to happen when its raining. I've had several conversations with plusnet support but haven't got anywhere so far. 

I am using the router plusnet provided (hub zero I think), so far support have turned on interleaving and changed pin snr to 6 with no improvement to connection. They have also said 3 times that this would be escalated to an engineer callout but when I spoke to them today it turned out that had not actually happened. Its now been handed over to the faults team who I was assured would call me this afternoon but have not.

My neighbours are on adsl connection as well but are with BT, while they have some intermittent issues its nowhere near as bad as what I am experiencing.

Does anyone here have any suggestions for things I can try myself to rectify this? Is there any known issues with this router? I'm using the BT wholesale speedtests and diagnostics with laptop connected to the router via ethernet (sometimes through an ethernet extender) and wifi turned off on the router with no other devices plugged in (router is plugged into the test socket). I usually have the tv and ps4 plugged directly into the router via ethernet and experience the same issues with those (dropouts will affect wifi too).