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Drop-outs and line noise

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Drop-outs and line noise

Hope I stayconnected long enough to post this but we're getting constant dropouts again and a lot of noise on the line.  The phoneline troubleshooter can't help (keep getting the Oops message), and there's warnings on the phone support line that waiting times are excessively long.

Can anyone help.


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Re: Drop-outs and line noise

Hi there, sorry you seem to be having trouble with phone troubleshooter if it's possible to use your 3G or someone else's internet you can raise this with the live chat team at: 


Alternatively you can wait for one of the plusnet staff to pick this up, however they normally only work office hours so they probably won't pick this up until Monday.



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Re: Drop-outs and line noise

Sorry that this post wasn't picked up, I can see it's since been replied to here:

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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff