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Drop in speed after engineer visits

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Drop in speed after engineer visits

Hi all - I've consistently had 70/20 broadband since I joined Plusnet except for the last few months after having some work done by Openreach. I've had a back and forth with Plusnet about how my speeds have been cut in half despite my equipment, the engineer and the BT Wholesale checker saying my line speed is above 70.


The profile has been stuck on ~40 for weeks and just this morning 55 which was ironic after saying I was going to cancel and they insisted 44mbps was the best I could get and yet I'm now pulling down in excess of that. Maybe a few more weeks and I'll get my usual service restored?


Line management issue? I'd appreciate some help from those in the know. Phone support seemed to be more interested in selling me on a new router and contract.

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Re: Drop in speed after engineer visits

@axn9 As no-one has replied, I'll chip in with my idea of what MAY help:

For Community members to be able to help, information from these two sites, as screenshots:-

BT Broadband(obscuring your phone number) and BTW Performance Tester - Over a wired (ethernet) connection if at all possible, please report the 'ADDITIONAL DIAGNOSTICS', and sight of the broadband connection status from your Hub would be a good starting point.

For the Hub One -

Navigate from the Home Screen to Troubleshooting > Helpdesk

For the Hub Two -

Navigate from the Home Screen to Advanced Settings > Technical Log > Information

It may also be a good idea to report the results of a Quiet Line Test - dial 17070 option 2 from a (preferably corded) phone. After the confirmation of your phone number, there should be total silence apart from the regular 'Quiet Line Test' announcement. Any other noise - report a PHONE fault first.

If phone test is OK then take the front off your telephone master socket, you may need to remove two screws. In behind you will find the test socket. Plug a filter in here and connect that to your hub. If it’s still dropping out then report a fault at

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Drop in speed after engineer visits

Hi there, it looks like DLM (automated line management) is doing it's job of bringing speeds back up gradually after an issue with disconnections has been fixed. I'd expect it to lift further over the course of the next week or so, do keep an eye on it and shout up if there's anything else we can help with. 

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