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Draytek Vigor 2860n works with Plusnet VDSL

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Draytek Vigor 2860n works with Plusnet VDSL

After complete lack of success with a Fritz!Box VDSL modem/router a little while ago, I decided to try the new'ish Vigor product.
Initially I just connected it to the BT OR modem and that was fine.
Next I dispensed with the BTOR and connected the VDSL directly to the 2860. It did take a bit of head-scratching as the Vigor is a hugely flexible and configurable piece of kit. That of course makes set-up  not for the faint-hearted.
Vigor have a FAQ that gives the settings for Infinity, although for an older model. Those seem to work with PlusNet.
That told me I needed to configure Encapsulation as VC MUX and Protocol as PPPoA. Add my ISP username and password and Enable VLAN Tag insertion and set a tag value of 101. Then wait a few minutes while state moves from Training to Showtime. VDSL2 Profile is 17A.
I’ve got an SNR Upstream of 7 (0.1db) and Downstream of 5 (0.1db). Don’t really understand what that means, but it sounds like sailing close to the wind.
Strangely, it’s showing, on the WAN Status page, a Mode of PPPoE, not PPPoA, which I definitely set.
Sync showing at 20000 up and 62724 down. Speedtest show I’m actually getting ~ 17 up and 59 down.
Anyone else using this kit? How do you set DNS, or don't you need to? I found an MPoA/Static or Dynamic IP config page where I could type in DNS, but I would have expected it to be assigned automatically.
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Re: Draytek Vigor 2860n works with Plusnet VDSL

you can specify a dns server or leave it as default, the latter works well most of the time as its assigned via the ISP, but sometimes its usefull to manually input a dns server due to routing faults, failing that you can sign up to a dns provider and use there dedicated service.
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