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Draytek 2862n drops connection

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Registered: ‎28-10-2020

Draytek 2862n drops connection

We have been using the Plusnet modem for a couple of months and had no real issues except for a couple of times over weekends when connection was lost. Phoned Plusnet support and they did tests told me line not ideal but said everything was fine. Prior to this for the last 2 years we had a Zyxel modem, again plusnet but through John Lewis and had no problems with that.

The reason for post is that I need to have a VPN connection into my work so have brought a Draytek 2862n router. Installation went ok but found that the router keeps dropping the connection. This can occur after just few minutes up to after 2 hours or so.

I have loaded the latest firmware to the router non-vectored 3.9.4 but it does not seem to have made any difference.

We are quite a distance from the exchange being rural location so wonder if the Draytek is struggling with the ADSL due to noise etc?