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Download has dropped again

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Download has dropped again

For the last two weeks or more my download speed has dropped to anywhere from 2.8 to 3.3 Max ( below the min guaranteed in my contract agreement ) Steam ( which is on a 1 GB/s backbone ) and sturttering playback on BT sports and the BBC live feed

I was getting up to 4.3 MB/s last month


I hope us poor peasants on FTTC are not subsidising the FTTP users with bandwidth.


I look forward to ringing Plusnet next month to renew my contract ( Maybe ) hope you can give me a good deal ( about time you rewarded your old customers )


P.S I had a notification, apparently I've been upgraded to "Plusnet legend" Huh


Merry Xmas / Happy Holidays



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Re: Download has dropped again


It sounds very much like you have a problem - most likely not in your home/office environment, but more likely in the BT/OR network.

First thing to check: Is your phoneline clear? Dial 17070 (preferably from a corded phone), select option 2. Once your phone number is confirmed, there should be silence on the line except for the regular 'Quiet Line Test' message - any other noise, report a PHONE problem via:

If the phone test passes, report a broadband problem via:

Let us know the result - if the tests come back as clear but you still have a problem, we need to investigate further.

P.S. The notice you got must have been in error - you are still an 'Aspiring Pro'. 😀

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Download has dropped again

Hi @Menage65


I've just been running some tests on your line but we're not seeing signs of any issues, if you've noticed the reduced speeds when on a wireless connection can you run a test over a cabled connection to the router to see how that compares?


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 Adam Walker
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