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Download and upload speed decreased over the weekend

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Download and upload speed decreased over the weekend

Hi all,
Aside from the trouble we've been having over the last few months (since our exchange was upgraded to ADSL2+ back in March) we've been seeing drops in speed, and are being disconnected, more often than usual. Things have been bad for a while (as my other topics have pointed out) but things seem to have got worse this weekend. In the last half an hour or so I've restarted the router three times to try and get it to connect at a "normal" speed, but it's not paying ball.
Here are some speedtest results:

I don't really know what to do about it. At some point last night we got disconnected, and then reconnected at a lower line speed or whatever. During the day, things were still rather slow, so I gave the router a soft reboot to see if it would connect at a faster speed. It didn't, so I gave the router a hard reboot. That seemed to have improved ping times (as per the screenshot above) but the upload and download speeds are still pretty bad. I've attached a BT speedtest result as well.
Any help you can give us, or info on why things seem to be getting progressively worse, despite being "upgraded" to ADSL2+, would be greatly appreciated. I think someone from PN suggested that we downgrade our line back to ADSL1, but the Powers That Be (aka the bill-payer) seems reluctant to do that. When the exchange was first upgraded we went from 1 meg to 1.7, and it was rather stable and hunky dorey. But after a few weeks things got more unstable, and our speeds are now lower than they were on ADSL1. Surely that can't be right? Tings are supposed to get better with an upgrade aren't they?
We've also had BT engneers out on two occasions (the last time we raised a fault ticket) and they came out and changed the wire pair that we were using all the way back to the exchange. That didn't actually fix anything unfortunately. Sad
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Re: Download and upload speed decreased over the weekend

mine went silly yesterday, did the usual check, no explanation
mybroadband speed history
Date  Download Speed  Upload Speed 
Today 07:19 10398 kbps (1.3MB/s) 774 kbps (96.8kB/s) Share
Yesterday 22:05 1625 kbps (203kB/s) 186 kbps (23.3kB/s) Share
Yesterday 22:05 1884 kbps (236kB/s) 218 kbps (27.3kB/s) Share
Yesterday 18:40 677 kbps (84.6kB/s) 111 kbps (13.9kB/s) Share
Yesterday 16:51 242 kbps (30.3kB/s) 149 kbps (18.6kB/s) Share
Wednesday 10:11 10124 kbps (1.27MB/s) 762 kbps (95.3kB/s) Share
Oct 12, 07:11 11887 kbps (1.49MB/s) 776 kbps (97kB/s) Sha