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Does anyone REALLY READ support tickets ???

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Does anyone REALLY READ support tickets ???

I don't think that are properly read ...  Smiley
Your original Question  3:05pm, Wednesday 17th October 2007
[Support Wizard Journey]
[I am moving abroad or to an area that cannot get broadband]
[Account Management]
[Cancel my product]
[Cancel Broadband]
[moving abroad/area that cannot get broadband]
[Additional Information]
Could I please cancel my broadband service effective the 31st DECEMBER 2007. Could my account be downgraded to pay as you go so I can still access my emails. I am moving abroad at the end of the year so this is not due to any problems with the service etc . If I do come back to the UK I would be more than happy to re-activate the account. Please note this is not to happen until 31st DECEMBER 2007.
CSC Analyst  5:24pm, Wednesday 17th October 2007
Dear Mr
I tried to call you today to discuss your cancellation request, however you weren't available.
We will try and contact you again, however if you wish to discuss this issue further please feel free to give us a call on 0845 140 6002/0114 2965098, or you can reply to this ticket.
As a much valued customer is there anything that we can do to keep your custom or any issues we can resolve quickly for you?
Your comment  7:24am, Thursday 18th October 2007
Please read my original remarks on the reason for the cancellation request.... If you can supply me broadband in the Benalmadena area of the Costa Del Sol, Spain then I will be more than happy to cancel my cancellation request :-)

Still waiting further news ...  Smiley Cheesy Grin
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Re: Does anyone REALLY READ support tickets ???

Hi there,
Sorry to hear that you don't feel the support request was actually read properly, however we do try to contact as many customers that wish to leave as possible. This helps us understand reasons for leaving and any service issues that may have contributed to the cancellation request.
I see that your reason for leaving to due to moving abroad, I hope this goes well for you. We actually have customers that say their reason for leaving is due to moving abroad and then change their mind and stay with us!
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 Chris Parr
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