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Devices keep disconnecting from router.

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Devices keep disconnecting from router.

Recently, a few of my devices keep disconnecting from the router. For example, my PC disconnects daily, but my sky box and Alexa don't. My mobile does, and will show "Connected without internet". When looking at the router, all lights are lit, and showing no sign of lack of internet connection. This problem had happened before, but after a few weeks it disappeared. The only fix I have is having to turn the router off and on again, my devices reconnect fine usually for the rest of the time used. When i return to my device the next day, and sometimes even later the same day, I have the same problem again.

I have been with Plusnet for many years now, and I would hate to have to go to another provider, but I will if I cannot get a fix for the problem, because as you can imagine, it is getting really frustrating now.

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Re: Devices keep disconnecting from router.

What router are you using? If it's a Hub One, then do you know whether the devices that suffer the problem are connected to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz network? You may be able to determine this by looking at the Wi-Fi connection properties on your mobile when it's broken, or by looking at the network map in the router settings if you can get to there (accessible at

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