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Daily disconnect - manual reboot to fix

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Daily disconnect - manual reboot to fix


For the past three weeks or so my internet connection goes down almost daily. I have to restart the router to get it to reconnect, which it always does on a reboot. The disconnects are usually throughout the day, as opposed to evening. I get the following in the logs;


10:15:04, 15 Apr. ( 17.710000) System start
10:14:08, 15 Apr. (90384.860000) CWMP: session closed due to error: Could not resolve host
10:14:08, 15 Apr. (90384.830000) CWMP: Server URL:; Connecting as user: ACS username
10:14:08, 15 Apr. (90384.830000) CWMP: Session start now. Event code(s): '4 VALUE CHANGE'
10:14:08, 15 Apr. (90384.470000) CWMP: Initializing transaction for event code 4 VALUE CHANGE
10:14:06, 15 Apr. (90382.780000) PTM over DSL is down after 302 minutes uptime
10:14:06, 15 Apr. (90382.780000) PPPoE is down after 301 minutes uptime [Waiting for Underlying Connection (WAN Ethernet 7 -​ Down)]
10:14:04, 15 Apr. (90380.060000) PPP LCP Send Termination Request [User request]


Any help would be great as this is understandably somewhat infuriating! 



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Re: Daily disconnect - manual reboot to fix

You have posted on the ADSL Broadband board, instead of the Fibre Broadband or possibly the Router board.

When you say the interconnect connection goes down are you losing the WiFi connection or a wired Ethernet connection to your device?

If you are using WiFi, can you run a wired Ethernet connection to your device to eliminate W-Fi from consideration?

If you are using a wired Ethernet connection to your device, to try identify the reason for disconnects I suggest the following:

Is it line noise? If you have a landline ‘phone run a quiet line test. Dial 17070 - option 2 using a corded handset if possible - the only thing you should hear is the periodic 'Quiet Line Test' message.

Is it wiring? At the Openreach master socket, remove the faceplate, and connect a microfilter into the test socket behind the faceplate and connect the modem-router DSL line directly to the microfilter. This simplifies your internal wiring and takes that out of consideration if the fault still occurs.

Modem stats would be useful. From the log you posted it looks like you are using a Hub One.

Login to your router: > Troubleshooting > Helpdesk and provide the following info:

Current data rate

Maximum data rate

Signal to Noise ratio

Line attenuation

Signal attenuation