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Daily and sometimes persistent dropouts

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Registered: ‎18-05-2021

Daily and sometimes persistent dropouts

Recently I've started having my internet drop out, only for 10-30 seconds or something each time, but it is now resulting in me being repeatedly kicked out of meetings and conference calls which is getting tedious for both me and my colleagues.

Pre-drop out the connection is fine, and is again after, often returning 6-8Mpbs which is about the speed I was expecting. It's not lightening fast, but it is what it is.

I only switched to Plusnet as our Virgin Media fibre costs had spiraled. Sacrificing speed was OK, but I still need a robust and reliable connection to successfully work from home.

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Re: Daily and sometimes persistent dropouts

@eblok  Welcome to the forums. Plusnet staff support, like the phone service, is still severely restricted. If you would like help from the community, a good starting point is to have a look at This post and supply as much detail from it as possible.

It would also be a good idea to carry out a 'Quiet Line Test' - dial 17070 from a (preferably corded) phone and select option 2 - there should be no discernable noise. If there is, report a phone fault first, as without a clear phone connection, your broadband will not perform correctly.

It may be an idea to also report your lines capabilities - please post your results from THIS site, but ensure your phone number is obscured/hidden.

If you reply to this topic with as much detail as possible, there are plenty of experienced members who can advise on possible remedies.

If you decide to also post on the Twitter/Facebook accounts and get a response from there, please come back here and say so.

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Re: Daily and sometimes persistent dropouts


When you say that your Internet is dropping out what do you mean?

Is the line dropping and the lights changing on your hub or do you simply have a wireless problem? If you are using wireless, on ADSL and have a Hub Zero (2704n) hub may well be on the limit of your connections capability with video meetings at this speed.

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Re: Daily and sometimes persistent dropouts

Thank you for reaching out @eblok and I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your service.


Your fault has now been raised with our suppliers for further investigation.

They have advised the estimated time for response is 20/05/2021

Please note this is only a estimate and the fault could be resolved before this date, however we will continue to monitor for updates from them and if we are able to provide an update sooner than this we will do so.


You can follow the progress of your fault via your online Member Centre here:


-Adam - Plusnet Leeds

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds