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DSL Connection.

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DSL Connection.

I have been with Plusnet for nearly five years and recently changed my package to Unlimited, with anytime phone calls. My upload speed was, and always had been, capped at 448kb and download speeds often between 4.5 & 5Mbps. That is until the change when, for some reason or other, my upload speed was uncapped, rising steadily to 1Mb +. Following three phone calls to support, the error was eventually corrected and the upload speed capped at 444Kb. However, since then my DSL connection has remained fixed at 3068, allowing download speeds rarely exceeding 2.5 Mbps when previously the DSL readings often showed 5000-6000 giving downloads upwards of 5Mbps. Some time ago, an engineers test confirmed my line was registering 6088 and just  recently your support team logged readings in excess of 5000. Can someone please explain the near 50% reduction in the DSL connection speed?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: DSL Connection.

Hi there,
I can't imagine how uncapping the upstream could have caused that, I've also run some diagnostics and can't see anything highlighted there.
I'd advise raising a fault as the next step:
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team