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DNS responsiveness variability

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DNS responsiveness variability

This evening I took a look at my Sam Knows broadband performance monitoring - something which I do not do regularly.  I was surprised at the DNS responsiveness plot and wondered if sharing it might help point to where in the network there might be issues.
As some will (boringly know) I have been blessed with a very stable xDSL session (now 250 days - not too far off a year Wink) during which I have had only about 5 PPP sessions.  I suspect that the marked "steps" in typical DNS response time shown in the graph below point to differing gateway connections / routing within PN's network which might illuminate what is happening.
The "transition" dates in the graphs are 10/11 Dec 14, 29 Jan 15, 11 Mar 15 - the last being the switch to my new static IP.
If this is meaningless red herrings then fine... if it helps point someone in the right direction, that's fine too!
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Community Gaffer
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Re: DNS responsiveness variability

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for this info. I'll include it when I speak to the team next.
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 Chris Parr
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