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DNS not resolving correctly

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DNS not resolving correctly

I am getting intermittent loss of traffic on my ADSL connection, via a TG582n router.  The ability to communicate to websites, mail etc is simply lost, though the connection stays "up".  It sometimes comes back by itself, it usually comes back if I reboot the router.  Having got fed up with this I dug a little deeper. Pings timed out but I was then surprised to find that the addresses were being resolved to a strange set of IPs - 198.18.1.xx, didn't matter whether it was or or my own site, etc, justs the xx was different.

The router config page shows the correct IPs for the Plusnet DNS server -  / ....10

This problem has appeared back in time on this forum but I couldn't find a resolution.  Called Plusnet support but they want to do a full 30-second reset on my router which means I'll have to reconfigure it.

Anyone any ideas?

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Re: DNS not resolving correctly

@Cliff_g  if the problem is what I think it is , DNS spoofing then the solution was in this thread

On a windows PC type Run in the start box
In the dos wndow that opens type :telnet
user name is "admin"
password is " router serial number" as shown on the label on base of router
type : dns server config WANDownSpoofing = disabled
then : saveall
then : exit

I'm not sure that's the complete solution though, since there's been a couple of other threads since that might be worth a look at...

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: DNS not resolving correctly

Thanks for getting in touch @Cliff_g

Can you go through the steps @MisterW advised above and let us know how you get on

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