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DLM SNR changes if interleaved?

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DLM SNR changes if interleaved?

Since having interleaving put back on after a lot of packet loss a month or so back, my SNR will not drop no matter on how many days I have a stable connection after doing a clean reconnection during daylight off peek hours.  It will always stay at 12 and will not go down, when on the day I do the reconnect it is 9-10.
So has there been changes to DLM to the default SNR if interleaved or have I been banded? 
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Re: DLM SNR changes if interleaved?

Hi Gus,
No banding, but your downstream SNR target has been set to 12dB since the 3rd May going by the reports shown on BTs side of things. It'd be another SNR reset to lower that I'm afraid, let us know if you'd like to go ahead with that.