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Customer service speeds before and after ADSL2+

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Customer service speeds before and after ADSL2+

8 or 9 days ago  I was moved to ADSL2+ I think. I have to say "I think" because the only difference is the upload speed went from 350 to 700, with the download speed the same at 2800. It's changed not a flicker since. Is this a problem?  I don't know.
However, what does annoy me is that starting 6 days ago I've made 3 queries on the still open ticket 27588476 and no ones got back to me. (actually I did raise another ticket yesterday asking why I was still waiting for a reply from the first ticket and I was told to wait on a reply, thanks, that helped not at all)
You see, I wouldn't mind if I was told "it's only a trial, you get what you're given and "no change" is that". I wouldn't mind too much being told "the ADSL2+ team is run off their feet and you might not get a reply for X number of weeks" But what really irritates me is being ignored, having a ticket not replied to in 6 days when it usually takes hours and still not knowing if I am being inpatient or whether I will ever get a reply. What timescale are we working on here?
One big reason I changed to Plusnet in the first place was the reputation for good customer service and a year or so ago with other solved problems it was - prompt and informative replies. So what's happened now?
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Re: ADSL 2+ / lack of customer support

[Moderator's post by Jim (Oldjim) I am not going to make excuses for the lack of response but I suspect that the normal ticket answering staff know very little about the 21CN trial and this would need to be picked up by the staff members specifically involved in the trial.
To assist in this I have moved this post to the 21CN area and, if it isn't picked up I will flag it up to a rep - note that the Bank Holiday may mess up the speed of response.
If you want the other persons on the trial to help can you post your router stats - attenuation, noise margin and speeds.
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Customer service speeds before and after ADSL2+

It's great to see the speed comparisons for upload and download speed before and after ADSL2+ trial, but what about customer service? To start the ball rolling, here are my stats..
Last year with problems and raising a ticket I had customer service replies within 4 hours.
This year with a ASDL2+ problem query I have had no customer service reply within 6 DAYS
Has changing to ADSL2+ changed your C/S upload and download speed?
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Re: Customer service speeds before and after ADSL2+

Everyone will see an improvement in upstream speeds but downstream speeds are dependant how close to the exchange you are. If less than 2.5Km then a significant improvement is seen if you around 3.5 to 4Km then probably no improvement is seen.
Here is the blog of the PN staff that were transferred over to the ADSL2+. It's worth reading especially the links to the graphs.
Of our first 24 lines, 6 are sync’d at a speed above 10,000kbps with the fastest being 15,323kbps. All of the lines so far have seen an increase in sync speed, although for some that were in the middle band of 2.5Mbps to 4Mbps on ADSL it has been very marginal. The best results we’ve seen so far have been at the top end where, like Neil’s, the 7-8Mbps speeds have increased above 10Mbps. We’ve also seen significant improvement for those whose ADSL sync rate was lower than 2Mbps which have increased into the 2-3Mbps sync band.