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Current line speed not reached

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Current line speed not reached

maybe someone of you can help me. I don't have a real problem, it's just my curiosity about how I can reach the maximum speed with my fibre connection.
I received am email from PlusNet saying that even though my estimated line speed was 6.5Mbps, my current line speed is 78Mbps. That is strange because when I subscribed for the fibre service, my estimated speed was 43Mbps, not 78Mbps.
Despite that, I am just curious how I can reach the speed my line service should have, because right know I obtain an average speed of 35-40Mbps [using their modem, Technicolor TG582n, with the wireless connection], speed that is close to the one they estimated at the beginning.
Is there something I need to do from my side?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Current line speed not reached

Hi xantar,
It would appear that your Speed Profile hadn't updated, I've done this manually for you. Your current speeds are in line with the estimates that we would expect.
There isn't anything you need to do at your end, it was an issue with some of the stored information on our side.
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer