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Contract ending Broadband improves ?

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Contract ending Broadband improves ?

My contract ends next month's and my broadband speed has improved , is this a ploy to get you to renew, I don't feel that my speeds on Fibre have been what is stated, when I have queried it with PN they have always said that things are. But I don't notice a lot of improvement from standard.

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Re: Contract ending Broadband improves ?

Welcome to the forum.

It's not in Plusnet's interest to deliberately slow your connection at any time so I'm afraid this is coincidence, not some bizarre conspiracy.

In terms of speed, if you put your phone number in here it will tell you the expected speed for your line. How does this compare when you connect to your router via an Ethernet cable?

Unless you go to a cable supplier if you move to a different ISP your local connection will still be via the same cable and is unlikely to be significantly different.

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Re: Contract ending Broadband improves ?

Hi @davidnewman9,


I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced poor speeds in the past. As @Baldrick1 has mentioned, it wouldn't be in our interests to slow your speed and this will have been a coincidence.


Looking at the notes on your account, it appears that the previous problems that you experienced were with your connection over wireless. Please let us know if this issue returns or if you experience any other connection problems.

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