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The connection keeps dropping to the point no devices can be connected as its not working. Our TV is a smart TV and connected to WiFi as we watch catch up apps or YouTube. Well for the past few days all we've been able to watch BBC for minutes before it just buffers all the apps are crashing or buffering and telling us to check the Internet connection we have tried turning it off and on again checked the speed via an app I was advised to do by someone on the team a while back but its saying its all good but its not its running at 9.47 download and 0.36 upload

We've been having this problem for a while to the point we have bought a Ethernet cable so our TV is wired but that hasn't made a difference.
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Re: Connection

@katherinedaw16 Welcome to the forums. As you have posted on the ADSL board, I assume you are on ADSL and not FTTC (fibre).

If so, this is a good place to start: ,and providing the information requested in that link may give other members a chance to help, as well as providing basic data for the Plusnet Help Team.