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Connection profile change please

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Connection profile change please



I had some issues with my line a few months back and it appears my sync rate has fallen from around 16000kbps to 13000kbps (it had always been around 1.6Mbps for as long as I can remember, 5-10yrs or so, not sure why I had issues with the line around July time but there were a good few dozen disconnect/reconnects within a few hours and it appears that this ended with my line sync rate being dropped to 1.3Mbps, at which point the issue was 'resolved').


Would it be possible for someone to change my connection profile back to what it was before?  I don't know if this will cause issues or not (given that changing the sync rate down to 1.3 seemed to 'fix' the issue back in July, whatever the issue was!)...


Many thanks.


PS My Plusnet user ID is ' [Removed]'.






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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Connection profile change please

Thanks for your post, @munkfish.


We're sorry to hear of this issue.


The Social Media Team should be able to help but are having difficulty in locating your account and so can you please PM me the account username?