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Connection problems

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Registered: ‎30-08-2020

Connection problems

On my property I have a 2 storey property that is split into two flats. The internet in the downstairs flat was installed about 3 years ago and worked without any issues, but was cancelled after 12 months as it was no longer needed.. The line to the house is still present.

The upstairs flat has had internet for over 5 years and has been provided by Plusnet.

Recently we had the need to cancel the internet upstairs and reconnect downstairs. Plusnet agreed to do this. This was 2 months ago. 6 weeks ago the engineer came, disconnected the internet in the upstairs flatand tried to connect the internet in the downstairs flat. He was unable to do so as he claimed there was a fault on the line. He could not reconnect the the original internet as he claimed this had developed a fault.

Since this initial attempt to connecty the internet we have had several engineers come to the property. They always blame the previous engineer had not done the ework correctly and had not updated the records.

I have contacted Plusnet via email, internet chat and phone on many occasions. I never get a response from amn email and the only excuse I get is Openreach have not updated them and they will investigate.

I called yesterday and I was on hold for nearly one hour. The call ended abruptly before I could get any answers from Plusnet. They did however email me, but the contect of the email apeared rushed, was one sentance and made no sense to me whatsoevers.

Could somebody from Plusnet please answer the following questions.

1. Why is my paid internet not connected?
2. Why is it taking so long?
3. Is there a code of conduct stating a minimum time for a connection to be establishded?
4. Do you think it is fair that the 91 year old house bound resident of the flat is unable to access any broadband services?
5. Why am i paying for a service you have not provided and not providing?

And the most important question is When are you going to get it working?

Many thanks

A loyal customer for over 5 years.