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Connection issues

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Registered: ‎28-07-2013

Connection issues

I'm finding it impossible to connect to some sites. I've tried disconnecting the router but no luck.
I tried tracerouting by telnetting into to the tg582n. I could ping at this time, but not
I get the same result from the wired and wireless devices in the house. Router in master socket (which is a dsl faceplate type) with no extensions connected.
12/03/2012 18:20
: traceroute addr=
ttl=1  24775 us  27064 us  22043 us
ttl=2    22866 us  21838 us  22247 us
ttl=3        *        *        *
ttl=4        *        *
Do you want to continue traceroute? (y/n) :n
12/03/2012 18:24
: traceroute addr=
ttl=1  33521 us  22009 us  21590 us
ttl=2    22435 us  21917 us  21676 us
ttl=3        *        *        *
The connection has been unreliable for some time now but has resolved with time. I'm getting fed up and thinking of leaving.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: Connection issues

Have you raised a fault with us at all?
It's probably worth getting our Faults Team to take a look, if it's an external issue, we can get that resolved for you. You can raise a fault online at
Chris Pettitt
Cloud Environments Engineer