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Connection issues, specific settings request.

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Registered: ‎31-12-2012

Connection issues, specific settings request.

As I can't find an easy way to simply ask a question in the support sections, nor wish to wait 45 minutes on hold several days in a row, I will try here.
I have a very exact set of requirements for my line, this seems to be hard work whenever I raise a ticket or phone support, because something is always left out, usually interleaving off.

My current issue:
My line has been banded to 4544, it will go faster. My upload is 805.
ALL speed tests put me at a capped 3.6Mb down, 0.6 up. My BT profile is 4.01 down, 0.83 up.
I'm assuming my plusnet profile is stuck, *again*.

I would like:
NO banding (fully rate adaptive)
My plusnet profile fixing
Interleaving OFF
I dream of getting back to my 4.2Mb/0.75Mb status before I had no adsl for a few hours some months ago and it all went wrong (it came back on when the fault test was initiated), with a number of call and support tickets, ending up with something less than optimal.
For anyone plusnet looking at my stats, no it's not the router dropping, the modem has remained in sync for many weeks without issue. The PPPoE session is on pfsense which has been up and down like a yoyo testing a new alpha version and traffic shaping.
I do hope this isn't too much to ask for (because I've had interleaving turned off about 5 times now, because everyone seems to forget when the profile is reset). Even TalkTalk used to manage it :p