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Connection drops out when it rains

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Registered: ‎18-06-2020

Connection drops out when it rains

ADSL connection constantly drops out and reconnects when its windy and rainy. BT have been out to replace the cables inside the house and even cut back the tree by the telegraph pole which was interfering with the lines.

Both engineers have identified our cable as an outdated Drop 6 which would most likely have corrosion and should be replaced with the modern Drop 10, but as the line runs over several gardens, the buck is simply being passed and they are not being proactive enough to resolve the issue.

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Re: Connection drops out when it rains

Hi eutow,


Thank you for your message, and I am sorry to note the inconvenience.


So that I may assist you further, please private message me your account username.


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 Ken Bryant
 Plusnet Help Team