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Connection constantly drops - help

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Connection constantly drops - help



Frustrated but hopeful new customer.


Had broadband installed about 2 weeks ago and the speed is fine. The issue I'm having is the connection constantly drops intermittently throughout the day; webpages, video etc all struggling to load. V.frustrating when trying to stream or just get about the internet.


A member of your support team 'added some options' and asked me to the reset my router - not sure if this was total waffle or was legit? It made 0 difference anyhow.


Issue appears to be with the router.


Any help is most welcome. I'm still within my return period, so will hopefully be able to resolve within next few days before I pack up and send everything back.



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Re: Connection constantly drops - help

Couple of questions: 

Do these problems occur on wired as well as wireless devices?

Do the lights on the router indicate that the broadband connection itself if dropping? (this varies with router model.)

If you've had the service for 2 weeks you are already outside the 14 days 'grace' period during which you can cancel without penalty (it actually starts from the day you signed up for it rather than when it went live.)


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Re: Connection constantly drops - help

I doubt very much you are in your "return period" ! Cancelation is normally 14 days from point of order.


That said, you have not given much useful information.

What service do you have - ADSL or VDSL/FTTC? What speeds are you getting - are they in line with expectation as per the DSL Checker?

How are you connected to the router - wired or wireless? Does the router lose sync when you experience problems?

How is your phone line? Is it quiet when you dial 17070 option 2 from a corded phone?

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Connection constantly drops - help


Hi Dan,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I've reviewed your connection and everything looks good from this side - no drops. With this in mind, its likely that your issue is a wifi related one.


Could you please connect a device via a wired connection and let me know if this displays the same results (or otherwise)?


In the interim, the wifi troubleshooting here may help.


Best wishes



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Re: Connection constantly drops - help

Thanks for your input - it's a major issue and is most certainly router related then.


I will test your suggested and get back to you. The only device which will enable a cable won't reach the router, so will have to purchase a longer cable.




Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Connection constantly drops - help

Thanks Dan, let us know how you get on once you've been able to try on a wired connection.

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