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Connection Drops | th-ag2 20CN and 21CN|

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Connection Drops | th-ag2 20CN and 21CN|

I've recently been having connection drops, and was wondering If I have been affected by
"This is an update to the posts we made yesterday regarding a problem which resulted in a number of customers being disconnected from the Internet. This affected customers connected to the gateway known as thn-ag2 and would have disconnected customers on both our 20CN and 21CN networks.
We temporarily disabled new connections to pcl-ag04 to allow the platform to get back into balance yesterday. This morning we have re-enabled connections back to pcl-ag04 and are now setting this service status to resolved."
I phoned the broadband fault line yesterday 16/2/10 to report my connection dropping, and I was greeted with a pre-recorded message saying they're aware of connection drops and to turn your router off for 60 minutes so I did that as instructed and later on that day my connection dropped. I rang back the broadband fault line to report the issue again, and I was told a broadband fault test will be ran and that I'd need to plug it into my master socket etc etc. I managed to do that, this very morning "17/2/10" and the broadband fault which I did myself online came back with no issues but yet when I placed my router back upstairs the connection dropped again after only being on for five minutes but am starting to wonder that may just be due to the fact of having it on the master socket and bringing it back upstairs. I then noticed the above status update and was wondering If am connected to any of the above gateways and if it was that what was causing my connection drops. Would someone be able to look into this for me?
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Re: Connection Drops | th-ag2 20CN and 21CN|

It doesn't sound like the Service Status you're referencing is the cause of your drops, particularly if the problem is continuing today.
If your connection is ok in the master socket, this suggests there's a problem with your wiring or something that's connected to your line.  Did you unplug everything else when you connected to the master socket?
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