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Connection Dropping with Technicolor TG582n

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Connection Dropping with Technicolor TG582n

I am experiencing a very annoying connection drop every now and then with my Technicolor TG582n ADSL router ( with USB port ). Even more annoying, is that i am experiencing this issue only while working on Windows 7 pro but not with OSX. I have been reading old post on this forum ( back in 2013 - 2013 ) .. changing channel hasn't solved the issue ... so the only thing i can think of is a firmware update .... see below my router information
Product Name: TG582n
Software Release: 8.4.4.J
Software Variant: BW
Boot Loader Version: 1.0.5
Product Code: 3684778B
Board Name: DANT-T
I have then made some research for that firmware update ... i am not really confident in that update but read that a technician from Plusnet could do it remotely ?Huh
Any help on finding the right Firmware update and procedure would be appreciated .. or does a plusnet technician could do it for me.
Many thanks
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Re: Connection Dropping with Technicolor TG582n explains however according to that you already have the latest firmware
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Re: Connection Dropping with Technicolor TG582n

The firmware can be configured for ADSL use.