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Confusion over renewal

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Confusion over renewal



I'm new to this forum. I have received a text saying time to renew etc, from signing up as a new customer last year. All I want is for my current ASDL unlimited broadband and line rental to continue for another year (12 months) from 31st July 2018. I am coming to the end of a 12 month contract and am coming across conflicting answers. Some people on the online chat say you have to actively renew and have been quoted different prices from £2.99 to £24.99 (what I've currently got is £19.99 from this year. I've also had offers of fibre, which I don't have in my area yet and keep getting 'the fibre cables are there' when they haven't dug up the street... Also, another bit of the plusnet website is saying you don't have to do anything and it'll be what you agreed at the beginning and will go from a contracted thing to a monthly rolling thing and I remember being told this at the beginning of the contract anyway, that it'll change from £18.99 (new customer price) to £28.99 (existing customer price) anyway. I'm just really confused!


Thank you for your help!


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Re: Confusion over renewal

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Re: Confusion over renewal

Hi Lucy,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'll answer this for you now and then the mods can move it to the appropriate thread.


When your contract expires, you will move onto a rolling contract until you contact us to either  recontract or cancel your account.


It's worth noting that when this happens, any discounts that were for the length of your original contract will also expire, so usually the rolling contract will cost more than your initial agreement.


With this in mind, I'd consider speaking to one of my colleagues in the Customer Options Team so that they can run you through your choices in terms of a new contract etc. They can be contacted on 0800 328 4624.


Hope this helps to clarify the situation.


Best wishes,



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Re: Confusion over renewal


Fibre doesn't require your road to be dug up, it comes from a green cabinet mounted in the street. To see if fibre is available put your phone number in here

If you want a decent deal then look at cost comparison sites and find the cheapest deal. Then ring Plusnet but select the 'I'm thinking of leaving' option, quote the price you have found and ask Plusnet to match it. You will get a better price than just ringing and recontracting. It's sad but that's the way these things work.

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