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'Concentrator not reachable' on connecting to internet (unlimited fibre)

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'Concentrator not reachable' on connecting to internet (unlimited fibre)

This is a problem we've had for a while, by which I mean since we moved to plusnet. When our connection drops, or I restart the router, it takes a long time to connect by itself, or cannot connect on its own. During this time, when I login to the router and attempt to connect manually it fails, and a 'concentrator not reachable' error appears at the top of the router homepage (as shown in attachment). After a period of doing this it eventually connects to the internet. It's not a massive problem, as the connection doesn't drop often and I know how to deal with it when it does happen, but wouldn't mind getting to the bottom of it as I'm often at uni, and the rest of my family aren't as tech-savvy and won't really know how to deal with it! I was wondering if it was a fault with the line, or is it a common issue?
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Re: 'Concentrator not reachable' on connecting to internet (unlimited fibre)

I think you may be hitting this issue,114808.msg989806.html#msg989806 .
It's a known problem and is currenly under investigation.