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Complaint? What complaint?

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Complaint? What complaint?

I opened a support issue back in February after my bb speed was cut in half and wound up lower than when I started with PN in 2014.

There has been much to and fro, but in the end I have given up and accepted that 'within normal operational parameters' is what I'm now stuck with. It works and is stable. I have not closed the ticket since as far as I am concerned the situation is not resolved. It should close itself after 14 days and that'll be the end.

However over the weekend I had an email referencing a Complaint <my ticket number> which seems very bizarre as I haven't made a complaint. I did check the headers which showed after 12 noon April 1st so it's probably not and April Fool gag. It is of course a result of background processes in the PN ticket system running amock.

Having queried this on the ticket I hope it will go away as I don't want anyone thinking I'm unhappy with the service I have rec'd from PlusNet -  and I don't make complaints!

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Re: Complaint? What complaint?

Hi @bin,



Nothing to worry about, every time that a customer displays dissatisfaction the ticket is marked as a complaint. If you message me the question number I'd be happy to close it for you.



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Re: Complaint? What complaint?


Hi @bin,


I've responded to the ticket for you and marked the dis-sat as resolved in line with your post here.


The ticket will now close automatically after 14 days if there are no further responses.


I hope this helps Smiley

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 Harry Beesley
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