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Registered: ‎15-03-2019


Now the problem concerning my
Broadband connection has concluded,
I would like to enquire about the
Compensation I wish to claim for the
Problems with my connection for some time.

As I discussed on a previous call I wanted
Compensation as I have been paying for
Internet that was not fit for purpose. It was
Explained I would have to wait until the problem
Was concluded to establish a suitable
Compensation figure as I would only be able
To claim once for the problem.

I appreciate you have not been able to
Fix my problem, but I was paying for a
Service you were unfortunately unable to provide

So I would like a refund for the dates you were
Unable to provide that service for my
Broadband service
Question 188444926 is the ticket number I am referring to.

Debbie Lester
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Registered: ‎11-01-2018

Re: Compensation


Hi Debbie,


Thanks for getting in touch regarding your broadband fault. As the ticket you've referenced has now been closed, I've created a new complaint ticket for you here. Please let me know when you've had the opportunity to review and respond to that ticket.


Best wishes