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Changing contract

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Changing contract


I have just tried to change my broadband package online but the page didn't give me any package options to switch to, it just listed the package I already have.

I have very old broadband and line rental package that costs around £30 a month. I pretty much no longer live in my property and just want to step down the cheapest monthly rolling line rental and broadband package that's not a yearly contract so that when I'm able to let out my property, the tenant can change to whatever they want.

What's the cheapest line rental and broadband monthly rental package available and how can I do this without calling the customer support - the pre recorded message says they're focusing on helping vulnerable people and if it's not an emergency then to ask for help on the community forum.

Thanks in advance. Stay safe.

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Re: Changing contract

Go on, type in your postcode and will give you availability for your area on a rolling contract, there aren't many providers who do offer it and the ones who do charge a set up fee.

Good luck.

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Re: Changing contract

You may be better using a PAYG 4G connection instead of Plusnet - you don't need a land-line so save the cost of line-rental, and you can take it with you wherever you go so  \you don't have to pay for a connection for a property that you don't spend much time in.