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Cannot connect to certain MAIL servers since Friday 8 February 2019 ~14:45h

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Cannot connect to certain MAIL servers since Friday 8 February 2019 ~14:45h

Hello Since Friday 8 February 2019 around 14:45h I noticed I could not reach certain 'websites' and then I was told the Mail Server was not connecting any more. We changed Mail Server address and it worked maybe for a few hours, then again same FAULT. I manage several mailboxes on quite a few computers and now I had to waste time in MANUALLY changing all POP account server to certain domains and it now works again. Our Host - which is a VERY GOOD one and we concluded there is NOTHING wrong on both our sides. It MUST be YOUR problems as it also happen on 'different PlusNet Fibre accounts' - i.e. different lines too - exactly the same. Please do not ask, it is NOT their problem or OUR problem - already wasted many hours of trying and testing and all is fine on both our sides - no blocks, it is NOT us. Therefore we can only conclude you are using filters somewhere or you simply have BAD engineers that cannot configure servers DNS connection and waste a lot of our time already. Please ask your IT to 'really' investigate and please do not ask us the obvious questions, as we already done numerous checks my side and Host side at various Levels - this host is actually very good and does not 'hide' behind a computer screen as certain larger Companies do! Please provide a PM address I can contact you and provide you with more precise info and it should not take you long to do a 'proper' DNS check. This is a technical issue and we would be grateful if you could give us a PM of someone at a higher level -that know more than we do too [!], rather than basic Consumer level. It will help to find out what is going on, FAST. Since BT has taken over this ship, we all are in bad seas - whatever BT touches, ruins for the sake of profit, rather than actually provide what we 'over' pay for! I rarely complain, but the service is not as good as one thinks - especially the BAD modems you provide, really bad ones. Thank you M PS once again, please lets not waste time asking us, did you do this and that - we have done it all - lets get on with it, please!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cannot connect to certain MAIL servers since Friday 8 February 2019 ~14:45h

Hi there, please feel free to PM me with the usernames of the affected accounts. 


A description of what's been tried so far and which sites in particular you've struggled to access would be helpful too. 



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 Adam Walker
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