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Can someone please finally give me some closure as to what is happening?

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Registered: ‎15-08-2019

Can someone please finally give me some closure as to what is happening?

Please see all the tickets and issues attached to my account. 


Not sure how much detail I am supposed to provide here. (If required please let me know)

I have everything printed off and saved if required. As people from Plusnet create tickets and place in writing the issue it then gets left without resolving. Ticket gets closed or left. 


I was incorrectly passed on to your DCA who so far seem as incapable 

of resolving the  situation Plusnet have left me in.


I agreed to pay the incorrect amount to the company known as "Oriel collections"

The paper work you sent does not include the relevant code required. This DCA website 

does not work. The only option is to call and select option 1. Problem is the option 1 requires the relevant code to make payment to the DCA. The code you send is incorrect. No surprise as this is Plusnet. Emailed for someone to call me. Annabelle Price from the DCA rang. I made payment 


As payment was made I was then told her system had crashed!  The lady I spoke with stated payment may have failed so she would ring within 24 hours to confirm. Just like Plusnet this did not materialise. 


I also explained to the the negotiator at the DCA that this is an error and I have it in writing and saved if required from Plusnet. She stated she would respond to this and send back to Plusnet.  


Staggered at the failure of this whole process, and I am still in a situation 

where no one can confirm what is happening.


Hopefully joining this forming and starting even more communication in writing someone at this company can FINALLY confirm how this can be resolved. Once payment is made I can then start proceedings. 

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