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Can someone check this as chat's down and phone is 30+ mins

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Can someone check this as chat's down and phone is 30+ mins

Can someone please reset my line profile? It's syncing at 987/5512 but was getting less than 1Mb earlier, now 2Mb but still slow.
Someone did a "fix" for me a couple of weeks ago, but while that worked well until now, it's a bit slow.
Won't need it for a couple of hours now, but could do with normal service being restored by this afternoon!
BTW, Chat bombed out halfway through a chat (again) and now it's "not available" (again), the phone lines are "approaching 30 minutes" (again - usually means 45+) .
Thank you!
info: at 9:52:37
Thank you for talking to us today - we'll be with you shortly.
All of our teams are currently helping other customers. There are 3 customers waiting before you. Thanks for your patience.
info: at 9:54:29
You are now chatting with [Removed].
[Removed]: at 9:54:32
Good morning, I'm [Removed]. How can I help?
Me: at 9:55:07
Hi there; so slow I can't work today. ADSL for phone number XXX is syncing at 987/5512 but getting less than 1Mb.
Me: at 9:55:23
Can you please do whatever it is you do at that end to reset the profile? Thanks!
Me: at 9:55:39
(I can confirm all normal checks carried out, connected via LAN and so on)
Me: at 9:58:24
Done BT speedtest and it says "This test was not conclusive and further testing is required.This might be useful for your Broadband Service Provider to investigate the fault" - so you should have that data now
Me: at 10:03:30
Hello there - this says "liveperson" - are you still alive?! (It's been 8 minutes)
Me: at 10:08:28
13 minutes...
system: at 10:08:28
Chat already ended

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Can someone check this as chat's down and phone is 30+ mins

Hi racquel,
An SNR reset won't help in this instance as diagnostics show no change to the synch speed or line profile.
I'd report a fault if there's still an issue:
Really sorry about the issue with chat, we did have a very brief issue earlier which caused some to drop at that time.
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 Adam Walker
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