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Can plusnet really be this bad

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Registered: ‎03-04-2012

Can plusnet really be this bad

I've had plusnet for a week on a line which has had Sky without an issue for the last couple of years.  DSL is not an issue but Plusnet seem incapable of supplying Broadband in the afternoon.
Are they sleeping or just utterly incompetent?
This is a shocking service.  I've changed my router and PN are now alleging that it's my internal wiring which is the problem.  Odd that the DSL connection is not the issue but the authentication!  And it is a regular occurence.
So, are they always this incompetent or am I just very unlucky?
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Re: Can plusnet really be this bad

HI greynolds,
Sorry to hear you're not having the best start, but I would imagine this is due to the incident we reported here. If you log into your router and click connect and see if you can get back on now.
Jojo Smiley