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Can I connect a Hub Two to my existing Openreach Modem

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Can I connect a Hub Two to my existing Openreach Modem

I renewed my Fibre Broadband contract and was informed that "my existing router would not work" with my new product.  I suspect that that is not at all true since the "product" is unchanged and is working just fine right now, however the Hub Two offered had 2G+5G so seemed a reasonable upgrade from the 2G-only 582n router.

My existing setup has an engineer installed Openreach modem connected to the existing router.  This is all tidily wired and wall mounted and unobtrusive in its current location, and I am using the router's wired connections for a PC and a network switch for further wired connections.

The new router has instructions that tell me "do not use" the WAN port, and to connect the router via the DSL connection via an untidy DSL filter.  I'd rather not - the incoming phone connection is not conveniently located for the wired connections, and the modem is conveniently located, wall mounted and cabled through a wall with fixed cabling.  Will it work if I use the WAN port as I do with my existing router?

A further disappointment is the fact that the Hub Two has no wall mount option and the wired connections emerge from the back rather than the edge.  This is a terrible design, occupies desk space, results in messy cabling for the connection to the wired network wall socket and leaves me with a wall to repair when I remove the old router. 

On the whole had I known how inconvenient this router "upgrade" would be I would not have bothered - I am even resenting the £6.99 P&P charge for this "free" router.  I certainly resent being told that my existing router would not work, as if I had no choice but to take the new DSL router - this is clearly untrue as I suspect is the "do not use" instruction for the WAN port.  I suspect that should be "need not use", but in my case it would be more convenient and tidy to do so.

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Re: Can I connect a Hub Two to my existing Openreach Modem



Will it work if I use the WAN port as I do with my existing router? Yes it will. 

Wall bracket 

Not sure why you were told it your existing modem/router wouldn't work

Edit: Did the person you spoke to know you had a modem and TG582n, as the TG582n on it's own would not work with VDSL.


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Re: Can I connect a Hub Two to my existing Openreach Modem

It was an automated on-line renewal; no humans involved. I suspect the massaging is designed to simplify PlusNet's technical support by reducing the number of installation variations, and is clearly dumbed down to lowest common denominator, and rather basic installations.

I already have a 5G access point on the wired net (it is a tall three floor house where the 582n did not fully cover), so I am not sure it was worth the hassle in any case. We'll see - the newer router may have advantages.

I would have just tried it in any case, but your advice in advance is helpful - just to know I would not be wasting my time.

With respect to the wall mount, good spot. I have a 3D printer, but at what he is charging, I may just buy one. Thanks.
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Re: Can I connect a Hub Two to my existing Openreach Modem

The online journey will be invoking logic that looks at the current device associated with a customer's account. Unfortunately it is not intelligent enough to distinguish between a VDSL configured TG582n or a vanilla ADSL TG582n, so it assumes the latter.

Whilst I agree the messaging could definitely be better, there are very few of you still using TG582n's in ETHWAN configuration, so I'd question the investment of building a scenario to cater for it.

Adding the fact that the Hub Two has vastly superior Wi-Fi capability, it's a safe bet to assume that the majority (who likely won't have fixed wall installations/cabling) would welcome the upgrade.

As already confirmed though, you can use the WAN port if you prefer to. You'll lose sight of any DSL statistics etc. in the Hub Manager but you won't have had this with the TG582n anyway.

Regarding the 'do not use' instruction. You'd be surprised how many customers I've seen plug stuff into that WAN port thinking it will work as a LAN port (it won't) Wink

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