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Broadband speed

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Broadband speed

My contract states that I should be getting speeds of 38-40 mbps, however, I have never been close to getting this (maximum speed I've ever had was 28 mbps). Wasn't a problem previously, however, since myself & my wife are now working from home & are using the Internet constantly for work, it has become an issue. Could someone please look in to this?
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Re: Broadband speed

@Timeoutgang Welcome to the forums. As staff response on here can be a little slow at times, it may be an idea to give other Community members a chance to see if they can spot anything out of place.

For Community members to be able to help, information from these two sites, as screenshots, posted as pictures within the topic, not as attachments:-

BT Broadband(obscuring your phone number) and BTW Performance Tester - Over a wired (ethernet) connection if at all possible, please report the 'ADDITIONAL DIAGNOSTICS', and sight of the broadband connection status from your Hub (with the 'Username' obscured) would be a good starting point.

For the Hub One -

Navigate from the Home Screen to Troubleshooting > Helpdesk

For the Hub Two -

Navigate from the Home Screen to Advanced Settings > Technical Log > Information

It may also be a good idea to report the results of a Quiet Line Test - dial 17070 option 2 from a (preferably corded) phone. After the confirmation of your phone number, there should be total silence apart from the regular 'Quiet Line Test' announcement. Any other noise - report a PHONE fault first.

If phone test is OK then take the front off your telephone master socket, you may need to remove two screws. In behind you will find the test socket. Plug a filter in here and connect that to your hub. If it’s still dropping out then report a fault at

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband speed

Hi there @Timeoutgang, I'm sorry that your connection speeds haven't been up to scratch. I've just been looking into this on our side and line tests aren't showing signs of any issues at all. Assuming all your devices connect over WiFi it would be worth running a wireless channel scan on the router to make sure it's connecting to a frequency that avoids interference. 


If you like I can log into the router from here and do that for you, I just need to ask for your approval first as it will cause the wireless signal to drop out temporarily for about two minutes. 



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 Adam Walker
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